:: Points System - FIA European Drag Racing Championship

The points system is described in the SPORTING REGULATIONS FOR THE FIA EUROPEAN DRAG RACING CHAMPIONSHIP document - Below is an extract from the document.

- Link to the sporting regulations where the original document in full can be read (pdf)

Championship classification

8.1 For the FIA European Drag Racing Championship, points are

awarded as follows:

Size Fields (cars)





1st round loser





2nd round loser





3rd round loser















Additional points are awarded as follows:
 10 points to all contestants 1 qualifying run required
Please note, low ET of the event is no longer awarded extra points (changed for 2013)

Qualifying positions earn points as follows:











5th & 6th


7th & 8th


9th through 12th


13th through 16th


NEW 2013!
After each qualification session the top 3 qualifiers in that session. Points to be awarded as follows:
3 points to the quickest ET
2 points to the 2nd quickest ET
1 point to the 3rd quickest ET

If at the end of the season a tie exists in a series, it shall be resolved as follows:
If, after step one is followed a tie still remains, additional steps are to be followed until the tie is broken

A. Review full season of elimination racing between tied contestants
- Driver with most «head to head» victories wins tie.
B. Review full season of elimination racing
- Driver who has won the most rounds wins tie
C. Apply tie-breaker points to full season of event competition as follows:
Event Winner 5
Runner-up 3
Semi Finalist 2
Quarter Finalist 1

Driver with most points wins tie.

If any portion of an event is completely rescheduled for any reason - qualified contestants unable to return will be granted an automatic withdrawal, earning no points. If a contestant does not wish to be withdrawn from the postponed event and desires to receive points earned up until the point of cancellation, contestant must contact the Event Director / Clerk of the Course.

If the Event is suspended before any qualifying has taken place, all competitors that have successfully passed tech inspection will receive 10 points each.

If the event is suspended after the first qualifying session has taken place, qualifying points and first round points will only be issued to the qualifying competitors in accordance with the FIA Drag Racing Regulations. Non-qualified competitors will not receive any points.

If an Event is suspended before or during elimination round, all competitors still in the elimination at the beginning of that round will receive the losers points for this round.

8.2 Points - General
All points are awarded to the driver and cannot be transferred under any circumstances. Points are not transferable from one category to another. If the event is disrupted and rescheduled due to weather or other conditions, after eliminations of that category are in progress, those contestants unable to return will be awarded points up to the round completed before postponement.

Attempts to set Low Elapsed Time will not be permitted after qualifying ends, with the exception of those cars remaining in category competition. The final run on which a driver is eliminated will be permitted as a Low Elapsed Time.

The Stewards of the meeting have the option of allowing contestants whose cars have experienced irreparable damage to leave the event prior to elimination’s, yet retain their points and monetary awards. Drivers must notify the Stewards of the meeting to arrange for this allowance. Any contestant excluded for major mechanical non-compliance loses all points for that particular event.

The race will be charged to the contestant’s overall quota of races attended but may be replaced in final standings with points earned at other events. In cases involving rule infractions of a flagrant nature, the contestant will be charged with a non-replaceable «zero grade» event that will be used as one of the scored events in calculating International standings. Contestants will be notified in writing when a «zero grade» action has been determined to be part of the penalties assessed for exclusion.

8.3 Alternates

Once qualifying has been concluded and a ladder has been established, pairings will not be changed. However, should a
qualified car and driver be unable to make the first round of elimination’s (not reach the bleach box), an alternate will be
inserted in their place. The quickest non-qualifier will take the first available space, the second quickest non-qualifier the next available space and so on. When and if this happens is at the sole discretion of the Clerk of the Course. First round points and cash awards will be kept by the qualified driver. His car must be on the race track premises at the time the first round commences.

The awards paid to the original qualifier will be deducted from the cash awards paid to the alternates. If an alternate driver is inserted into a rescheduled event for a non-returning qualifier, the alternate will receive full round points and cash awards.